On 18th of October 2015, students from Weoley Castle Shotokan Karate Club took part in the annual competition hosted by Sensei Kathy Dearden’s Ippon Ken Karate Club. The day was a great success, with students winning in many categories. Click on the picture below to see the Flickr album. More photos will be added soon!

Autumn Competition hosted by Ippon Ken Karate Club

Junior Team Kata, any grade 15 years and under

Zachary Povell, Bethany Bird, Louis Jones, Gold


Senior Team Kata

Melissa Daly, Faye Tonkinson, Lynsday Daly, Silver


Individual Kata, 7 to 12 years, Beginner to 4th Kyu

Blake Bartlam, Gold

Arran Memtan, Bronze


Individual Kata, 7-12 years, 3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu

Bethany Bird, Gold


Individual Kata, 18 years+, Beginner to 3rd Kyu

Joshua Betts, Gold

Steven Plumley Wood, Silver


Individual Kata, 18 years+,  3rd Kyu and above

Lyndsay Daly, Silver


Pairs Kata (Junior+Senior): 

Lyndsay Daly, Bethany Bird, Gold


Pairs Kata (Seniors):

Lyndsay Daly, Melissa Daly, Gold


Team Kumite Junior Ladies:

Bethany Bird and Hanah, Gold


Ladies Team Kumite Senior Dan Grades: 

Lyndsay Daly, Melissa Daly, Faye Tonkinson, Silver


Male Team Kumite, 18 years+:

Joshua Betts, Steve Plumley-Wood, Silver


Male Kumite Individuals:

Joshua Betts, Silver


Gohon Kumite, Beginner to 4th Kyu:

Blake Bartlam, Gold

Arran Memtan, Silver


Girls Kumite Individual, 12-17 years, 3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu:

Bethany Bird, Bronze


Boys Kumite Individual, 7-12 years, 3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu

Louis Jones, Silver


Senior individual kumite 18-30 years 1st kyu and above

Joshua Betts, Gold


Senior Dan Grades, Kumite, Female 16 years +

Melissa Daly, Silver

Lyndsay daly, Bronze



Autumn Competition at Ippon Ken Karate Club

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