Are you a girl or a woman and wondering if taking up karate is the right thing for you? 

The answer is probably “Yes”. Karate has so many benefits; the most obvious one is probably self-defence. Let us hope that you are lucky enough and never find yourself in a situation where you are threatened or being attacked, but the mere fact that you know how to react IF this were to happen is reassuring and gives you an advantage.

The training at Weoley CasKarate for Womentle Shotokan Karate Club teaches you traditional Shotokan karate techniques and also shows you how to apply self-defence techniques in real life situations.

Among the other pros of karate training are a number of health benefits, such as improved fitness, stamina, coordination and posture. Girls as young as 5 years old can benefit from karate training. It gives them great self-confidence and they learn values such as discipline and respect towards others along the way.

And there is no upper age limit: no matter what your fitness levels are like, no matter if you have physical limitations, Sensei Hession will always adapt her teaching style so that it is just right for you and so that you can enjoy it.

And with a friendly lady instructor as well as loads of other girls and women training, you will find yourself amongst like-minded people and make a bunch of friends for life. I speak from experience!

So, if you’re still wondering if karate training is right for you or not, why not come to the dojo for a free trial session or just to have a chat with Sensei Hession?


Why Women Should Learn Karate

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